Drainage Solutions

Are you frustrated by drainage problems on your Wake County residential or commercial property? Even the toughest drainage issues are no match for the expert team at NC Turf Pros. We can handle all drainage problems to protect your building’s foundation while working in harmony with your landscaping. Let NC Turf Pros help you find and install the perfect drainage solution to keep your property in optimal condition.

French Drains

Our customized French drain reduces ground saturation and absorbs the water that might otherwise accumulate on your property. The built-in pipe works to transport water to a suitable location—away from your foundation and landscaping features. As a result, your yard will experience improved soil drainage, even after a heavy rainfall. NC Turf Pros can install French drains in your landscape areas suffering from poor soil drainage, under pebble paths, or beneath dry creek beds.

Gutter Extensions

Are your gutters ruining your landscaping or threatening your property’s foundation? When gutters have improper installation or are not the right size for your building, you may experience lawn flooding. Not only does this ruin your landscaping, but it can also create significant foundation problems. NC Turf Pros offers convenient gutter extensions to solve your drainage problem without replacing your entire gutter system.

Don’t Let Drainage Issues Wreak Havoc on Your NC Property

A drainage issue can begin as a minor problem, but it can lead to severe and costly problems down the road. Don’t let your residential or commercial property suffer from erosion, water damage, or foundation issues due to improper drainage.

Reach out to the team at NC Turf Pros to install the right drainage solution for your property. Contact us today to get a quote or to request a free lawn analysis.



NC Turf Pros are knowledgeable and professional. They do quality work, are responsive and available.


Been using for years and would highly recommend to anyone. They do great work.


I was absolutely blown away with the job that the did on my lawn. They are an above and beyond company. 10/10 ???? Thank you